Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 22

Website Video Tutorial

Below is a 10 minute website tutorial which explains some of the tools now available to you through this website. Enjoy!     If you are having trouble viewing this video, your web browser is likely out of date. Click on one of the below links to upgrade to one of the following web browsers …

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Aug 21

Joyful Generosity

            Like any newlywed couple, my wife and I had to learn how to communicate with one-another. One of my favorite stories from the beginning of our marriage is how my wife would try to encourage me to read my Bible.             My wife is a morning person, I’m not. It’s much easier for me …

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Aug 16

Making Sense of the Shrewd Manager

            The parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16 is difficult to understand. Why would somebody be commended for being dishonest? Why is somebody who is cheating his master out of what he’s owed given praise? When I read this parable at the beginning of this week I was thoroughly confused. I read three …

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Aug 14


          Money. There are not many words that can evoke such a strong emotion in people as that one word does in us. We even have an unwritten code about how we should and should not talk about it. I didn’t realize this until 8 years ago when I went to …

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Aug 13

Who Owns It?

           As I was reading through commentaries on Psalm 50:10, one writer’s comments stood out to me. He writes that God’s statements are almost comical. God created the entire universe, and every animal in the universe – who would ever presume that He is hungry or in need of peoples’ sacrifices to feed Him? We …

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Aug 01

Once Upon A Time, The New Testament

This is the second half of our Summer Teaching Event, “Once Upon A Time, God’s Grand Story.” Below you can see Chris Thayer teaching us about God’s story in the New Testament, as well as a 30 minute Q&A with James-Michael and Chris at the end.     If you are having trouble viewing this …

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