Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 26

News to Know, June/July 2013 Edition

News to Know, June/July 2013 Edition 1.) We will not be having communion in July during Sunday worship service. This would be a great month to have communion together in your LifeGroups! We do not know yet whether or not we will have communion in August. I will adjust this post accordingly when we do know. …

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Jun 22

Jesus Breathes the Holy Spirit

     My favorite book in the Old Testament is Ezekiel. It is like a window into the character and heart of God. In order to understand it, though, it takes a little bit of knowledge of the historical context. In fact, I’ve found that if you can remember the following information about the history of …

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Jun 17

A Beacon of Hope

   When I was younger, my older sister and I did not get along well. We fought horribly and most of the time could not stand to be in the presence of each other. Even though we were in the same family, our relationship mostly communicated the exact opposite. For instance, our family vehicle was …

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Jun 12

From Thence Judge of Quick & Dead

     Two years ago I was in India working with indigenous pastors. James-Michael, Talbot Davis, and I were helping provide them with tools to understand and teach the Bible. Whereas there are thousands upon thousands of books and tools available in English, there aren’t many at all for those whose native language is Oria (the …

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Jun 04

On The Third Day He Rose

     It’s pretty incredible to think of how our understanding of heaven has been influenced by our media. It is primarily depicted as a disembodied existence where we go to another realm and sit on clouds all day long singing songs or playing harps (maybe having a bagel with cream cheese if we’re lucky). This …

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