Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 30

Rooted in Love

     I’m originally from New York. Not the city, but the state; Northeast New York to be more specific. I’ve found that many people only think of New York as the “Concrete Jungle,” yet Manhattan makes up a small portion of the state. The rest of New York, however, has some of the most beautiful …

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Sep 24

The Bond Between Community & Discipleship

     If somebody asked: “How are you doing spiritually?” I would venture to say that most of us would immediately begin to take inventory of a few select personal activities. Namely, most of us would recount how frequently over the past month or two we’d personally read the scriptures, spent time in prayer, and maybe …

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Sep 16

Unity in Rome

     The book of Romans is one of the most theologically rich and dense books in the entire Bible. It has greatly influenced many well-known Christians throughout the history of the church. Even one of the most defining moments in John Wesley’s (the founder of Methodism) life was a sermon he heard based on the …

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Sep 12

News To Know, September 2013 Edition!

News to Know, September 2013 Edition 1.)  Here’s a video message from Talbot Davis for all of you wonderful LifeGroup Leaders! 2.) Our next LifeGroup Launch is Sunday September 22nd from 5:00-6:30pm! If your LifeGroup could is low on attendance and you would like to receive new members, this is a great place to fill your …

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Sep 09

The ‘Temple’ and the ‘Tabernacle’

      In the beginning of 1 Samuel we see that the location where Hannah prayed and the Israelites presented their sacrifices to Yahweh was the Tabernacle at a place called Shiloh. This is where Eli’s sons, Hophni & Phinehas, abused their roles as priests as we read in 1 Samuel 2:12-36. To some of us …

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