Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 18

A Message & Request from Chris Thayer

Hello LifeGroup Leaders! Below is December’s Video Message! I look forward to your replies!

Dec 15

Did Isaiah Predict the Virgin Birth of Jesus?

    Last week we talked about how we tend to misunderstand the concepts of prophecy and fulfillment, particularly as displayed in the Gospel of Matthew. We learned that “Matthew’s theme of fulfillment is really best explained as Jesus filling fully Israel’s history and life – becoming the one in and through whom all the nations …

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Dec 09

Prophecy Fulfilled?

     For many who have grown up in the church, and probably many who didn’t: the Biblical concept of prophecy and fulfillment is generally misunderstood. In our culture, Prophecy and its fulfillment is largely understood as being a prediction which has its embodiment located only and completely in the future. This is due to Hollywood …

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Dec 04

News to Know, December 2013 Edition!

News to Know, November 2013 Edition 1.) Please note the following Christmas/New Years Holiday Schedule items: a. December 22, 2013: No K-5 Children’s programming (3’s & 4’s will proceed as normal). No Youth programming. Nursery will be open during services. All Sunday AM LifeGroups should decide if they want to meet and let members know …

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Dec 03

The Unexpected Message in Jesus’ Lineage

     The first 17 verses of the New Testament, Matthew 1:1-17, normally cause our eyes to glaze over. To us, they appear to be a string of foreign names that don’t carry any significance. Other than the occasional commercial about or time spent reminiscing during family reunions or holidays – we don’t typically think …

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