Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 28

THIS Sunday – 2 Serving Opportunities

Hello LifeGroup Leaders! We have two wonderful opportunities for your LifeGroup to Serve Together THIS weekend: This Sunday, February 2nd, we’ll be sharing communion during all three worship services. We’d like for your LifeGroup to serve communion to the congregation together during one of the three services – if you’ve never done it before; it’s …

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Jan 27

Your Story Is Worth Telling

     When I was in high-school and college, I heard innumerable stories from people about how God rescued them from incredible surroundings. I listened as people spoke about being redeemed by God from drugs, alcohol, gangs, and other awful circumstances and choices. I stood in awe when I heard what God had done in these …

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Jan 22

News To Know, January 2014 Edition!

News to Know, November 2013 Edition 1.) This month’s News To Know Starts with a Message from Talbot Davis!: 2.) Please take notice of the newly posted Upcoming Events on the right hand side of the homepage. Please share pertinent information with your LifeGroups and save the date on your calendars for the upcoming LifeGroup …

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Jan 20

Christian Apologetics

     When I went to college my head was teaming with questions about God. Up until that period in my life, I assumed that having questions about God’s actions or even His existence was a bad thing. I thought it meant that I didn’t have enough “faith,” and therefore the answer was for me to …

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Jan 13

The Fruit of Rejecting Redemption

     Last week we saw the significance of the theme of redemption from exile within the story of the Prodigal Son. The fancy terminology for this type of background information on a passage of scripture is “Historical Context.” Recognizing that these stories weren’t written or spoken to us (though they were certainly written down & …

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Jan 06

Welcomed Home From Exile

     Recently I’ve been reading a book written by N.T. Wright called Paul and the Faithfulness of God. One of the foundations of his book is that stories shape our worldview. We locate ourselves inside an overarching narrative that is passed on to us about how things work. This story or narrative is how we …

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Jan 02

Immanuel – God With Us

     For the last two posts we’ve learned the meaning of fulfillment in the Gospel of Matthew: that he means something much more than predictions from the past coming true in the future. Instead, Matthew shows how Jesus is not only the long awaited Messiah foretold by the prophets – but He fills fully the …

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