Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 26

Serving Opportunity this Saturday!

Hello LifeGroup Leaders! The Nursing Home Serve Team is looking for people with a heart for seniors to serve with them as they distribute fresh flowers to all of the residents & play bingo this Saturday (February, March 1). If you, any of your LifeGroup members, or even your entire LifeGroup is interested: contact the …

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Feb 24

God Appears As A Man To Abraham?

     Genesis was originally written in Hebrew. It is a beautiful language – both audibly and visually. However, since most of us don’t read Biblical Hebrew, we need to have our Old Testament translated into English so we can understand what’s written. As we look at Genesis 18 today, it’s important to know this.      …

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Feb 19

LifeGroup Finder! Please Verify Your Information

Hello LifeGroup Leaders, You all have amazing LifeGroups! So, in an effort to better communicate and publicize your groups, we’ve been working to have your LifeGroups and their descriptions displayed on our church website. As many of you have suggested – it would be wonderful to have a tool  where people can easily see what …

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Feb 17

Shadows Of Who’s To Come

     My son, being 3 years old, likes to ask many questions. Actually, he likes to ask the same questions many times. One of those questions is: “Why is it bedtime?” So one of the first times he asked this question I replied: “Because it’s dark outside.”      Of course, as these question & answer …

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Feb 10

‘Faith in our Faith’ or ‘Faith in God’?

     Some of our memories are so strong, so thick, that we can almost feel them as we relive our past in our minds. One such memory for me is of standing in a spare bedroom in my grandmother’s house, wondering whether or not God was going to send me to hell when I died. …

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Feb 06

News to Know, February 2014 Edition!

News to Know, February 2014 Edition 1.) We are excited to announce that Kim Burdick will be joining the GSUMC staff as our new part-time LifeGroups Coordinator starting February 17th. She will help GSUMC continue to move to maturity in living relationships with Jesus Christ, working closely with women and women’s LifeGroups. Kim served with …

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Feb 03

Who Would We Reject?

     Over the course of our current sermon series, we’ve explored the depths of the story of the prodigal son. We’ve seen its deep roots in the theme of redemption from exile. We also discovered the warning it contains to the Pharisees and teachers of the law – acting as an on-ramp to some of …

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