Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 28

Lost Hope

     1 Kings 19 is a complete curve ball in the life and ministry of Elijah. From the moment we’re introduced to him in chapter 17 to the end of chapter 18, Elijah is portrayed as an incredibly powerful prophet of the Lord. Through him God stopped it from raining for 3 years and then …

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Jul 21

Risk All You Are For the One Who Is.

     My son’s namesake is a prophet from the Old Testament who only appears twice in the Bible: Micaiah. His story is told in 1st Kings 22 and 2nd Chronicles 18. Only two chapters in all of scripture – and they both tell the same story. He was the only prophet who was willing to …

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Jul 14

Kings, Chronicles, Israel, & Elijah

     The Old Testament books of 1&2 Kings and 1&2 Chronicles can be incredibly confusing. This in turn, makes the prophetic writings (which took place largely during the time periods covered by Kings and Chronicles) incredibly difficult to understand as well. There is, however, a piece of historical context that helps us make sense of …

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Jul 09

News to Know, July, 2014 Edition

News to Know, July 2014 Edition 1.) As you continue to navigate summer schedules, remember to be intentional, and communicate clearly. Be Intentional: Decide as a group when you will or won’t meet over the summer. Many groups meet once a month for a social gathering during June and July and start back with regular …

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Jul 07

Tossing Bread to Dogs

     Context is everything. This is so critical to understand as we read Matthew 15:21-26. If we read this section of scripture in isolation, we come away shocked and angry at Jesus’ words and actions (or lack thereof). However, when we read what comes before and after this section of scripture (even better: the whole …

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Jul 02

Prayer Focus: Summer Mission Trips

Prayer Focus – 2 Summer Mission Trips Philippines Mission Trip – July 9-21, 2014 Team:  Marsha Ash, Danya Burdick, Devri Burdick, Kim Burdick, Amber Carter, Sonja Hollen, Janice Lawrence, Dian Mullis, Cindy Turner, Cherie Ward, Tina Williamson * The team has the opportunity to minister in Manila and in the northern town of Pozorrubio.  They …

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