Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 29

Upside Down

     A consistent theme in all of scripture is God taking humanities expectations and assumptions about what it means to be great and powerful and flipping them; putting them upside-down. For instance: God chose Jacob (the youngest) instead of Esau (the oldest) to receive the blessing from their father Isaac. He also chose David to …

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Aug 18

How to Read Proverbs

     As we say frequently here at Good Shepherd: The Bible is not a book – it is a Library of books. Within the Bible there are not only 66 different books, but many different types of literature within that collection – all of which should be read according to their style. For instance, the …

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Aug 11

Reading the Psalms

     I’ve honestly never been much of a poetry fan. There’s only ever been one poem I read (when I was in high school) that resonated deeply with me – and that can be attributed to a crush I had on a girl at the time and the typically out of proportion emotions of a …

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Aug 06

News To Know: August, 2014 Edition!

News to Know: August, 2014 Edition! 1.) This month we’ll be launching our LifeGroup Lobby Connector Team! Most likely starting on August 17th, you’ll see people in red LifeGroup t-shirts before and after every service who will help people sign up for your LifeGroups in the lobby! Please pray for all of their interactions and …

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Aug 04

Still Small Voice?

     1 Kings 19:9b-18 is a powerful section of scripture. It also contains one of the most well-known sections of the Bible – 19:12 – which the King James Version of the Bible translates as the “still small voice” of God. This idea has brought comfort and peace to many throughout the turmoil of …

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