Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 29

Foreshadowing God’s Redemption

     A couple of weeks ago, I shared how sex often has an unfortunately negative (and theologically inaccurate!) connotation within the church. For various reasons, many of which can be traced back 1,600+ years, sex has been seen as either bad or in some way “lesser than” being single & celibate. I also mentioned how …

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Sep 22

Who are you?

     If somebody asked you who you are: how would you answer? Most would answer by giving their name. Suppose, however, that this questioner wasn’t satisfied with your name. They want you to give them your identity. What makes you who you are? At this point, we might start to go a little deeper. We …

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Sep 15

Dating Ancient Writings

     Dating ancient writings is sometimes a difficult endeavor. Unlike today’s books which have a copyright page that identifies when a book was originally published, where it was published, and who published it – the writings we have in the books of the Bible were originally written by hand. There was no printing press, no …

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Sep 12

Christian’s on the Topic of Sex

     A slightly awkward, yet telling situation I encountered while teaching children was when myself and several other teachers found out that the students had a new word they used as a euphemism for sex. Once we found out what was happening – we quickly addressed it with the children involved. As you can imagine, …

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Sep 09

News to Know: September, 2014 Edition!

News to Know: September, 2014 Edition! 1.) Wednesday, September 17th, one of our partners from India, Sushant Naik and his wife will be at the Zoar Road Outreach Center (13611 Zoar Road, Charlotte, NC 28278) from 6:30-8pm to share about their personal experience of persecution. In 2008 the Kandhamal district of Orissa, India was the …

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Sep 01

Half Human

     Emotion. It’s a word that, for me at least, conjures intellectual objection. If I could be like Spock on Start Trek and rid myself of all emotion, particularly in my faith, I could understand exactly what it is that God wants me to do; I could live and think in a manner according to …

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