Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 17

Wrestling in Prayer

     Several years ago I started practicing a sport called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s essentially martial arts wrestling. Before I had children, I trained often in the sport and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only is it an incredibly challenging work-out – but it also inspires comradery. Much of what you learn has the potential to severely …

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Nov 09

Sacrificing The Eternal On The Altar Of What Is Trivial

     This past week in my LifeGroup, we talked about the importance of names. While I know my name, Christopher, means follower of Christ: I’m perfectly okay with nicknames. In fact nobody calls me Christopher (unless it’s a telemarketer calling my home!). They call me Chris. I have other nicknames as well – some I …

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Nov 06

News To Know: November, 2014 Edition

News to Know: November, 2014 Edition! 1.) Please note the following Christmas Worship Service Schedule: Dec 21st – Jingle Jam. This is a Family Experience (FamEx) being put on by Family Ministries during all 3 worship services.  Only the nursery will be open that day. Preschool through 5th grade will be with their families for …

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Nov 03

Division and Reconciliation

     I grew up in a Christian home. Unlike many who can name a day and year they gave their life to Jesus – there’s not a time I can remember that I didn’t believe. There are times in my life when my faith became more my own than my family’s – yet I …

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