Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 26

Cursing a Tree, Overturning Tables, & Throwing a Mountain

     Mark 11:12-25 seems odd and disjointed at first reading. Jesus curses a fig tree. He Makes a raucous at the temple. The disciples are amazed to return and find the fig tree withered. Then Jesus launches into a teaching about prayer, faith, and forgiveness. At first glance, this make no sense. It seems unconnected, …

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Jan 22

Care Classes Starting Soon!

Hello LG Leaders! The following information may be of interest to your LifeGroup members. Please share during your meetings: Care Classes are starting on February 8th at 5pm! To register, CLICK HERE. See below for details:   GriefShare is a place where you can join the hearts of others as we connect with the healing …

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Jan 19

Partnering With God

     “Can you please help me?” This is a phrase heard frequently in our household by our four year old, Micaiah. It’s implied just as often by our 18 month old, Naomi. It’s shocking to see all we have to learn how to do. From getting dressed to eating—few things come naturally, most of them …

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Jan 12

Seeing Narrative in the Gospels

     I have a bad habit of pulling loose strings on my clothes. I pull them on my shirts, pants, and even shoes. Sometimes the result is benign and satisfying: I pull the thread, it breaks, and no longer bothers me. Other times the result is ripped clothing. Most recently I ruined a pair of …

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Jan 08

News To Know: January, 2015 Edition!

News to Know: January, 2015 Edition! 1.) Happy New Year! The BEYOND campaign is now in full swing! We’re excited to see ways that God is working in and through the community here at Good Shepherd! LifeGroups have two specific ways in which to participate in this as communities: First, you should have already started to …

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