Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 30

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac

As is mentioned in this week’s sermon: Paul, a first century Jew and Pharisee, was thoroughly steeped in the Old Testament scriptures. He would have had most of the Old Testament memorized, especially the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible). So when we read his letters in the New Testament, it should not …

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Mar 23

God Actually Wants You

Every once in a while, a passage of scripture catches you by surprise. No matter how many times you may have read it, certain sections of the Bible will continue to shock you and expose paradigms you didn’t realize you had. This is great because it brings us closer to understanding our God and His …

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Mar 17

Take Up Your Cross, Not Your Sword

For good reason, the cross has become the symbol of Christians around the world. Just about every church you drive by or visit will have a cross displayed prominently—often in its architecture. Walk into any Christian book store or jewelry store and you’ll likely find cross necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. There’s nothing inherently wrong with …

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Mar 16

Ladies Life Fall Retreat!

Ladies Life Fall Retreat 2015 For all of the GSUMC women: This year we will have a Ladies Life Retreat from September 25-27th at the Ridgecrest Conference Center! More details are to come. To register: CLICK HERE. Registration Cost: $149 by March 22nd $159 by March 29th $169 by June 21st Deadline. For more details …

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Mar 09

Explaining the Good News

My dad recently went to the hospital because he had a large amount of fluid on his left lung. After struggling with pneumonia for over two months, the doctor found the fluid in a follow-up x-ray. I went with my family to the emergency room and waited as we received more information. Throughout the first …

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Mar 04

News to Know: March, 2015 Edition!

News to Know: March, 2015 Edition! 1.) Ron Dozier, our Pastor of Mission and Community Impact, will be teaching a class from March 4th -March 25th on sharing your faith titled “Inviting All People.” It will be a relational evangelism course designed to equip and empower you to share the “Good News,” so that others …

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Mar 02

Dead To Sin

I would venture to say that if somebody stood up on a Sunday morning in just about any church across the country and asked how many people in attendance are sinners, most people would raise their hands. Christians say this about themselves fairly frequently—especially when talking with our non-Christian friends. Just within the past week, …

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