Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 26

Reading the Bible in Community

We all have biases. In order to make sense of the world around we use our experiences, knowledge, and emotions to interpret the information we receive. This happens automatically. We don’t think about it, or do it on purpose. Sometimes it helps us interpret things correctly, and sometimes it causes us to make grave errors. …

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May 20

LadiesLife Retreat Registration Deadline Approaching!

The LadiesLife Retreat registration deadline (June 21, 2015) is fast approaching! We’re incredibly excited about what God is going to do through this retreat. This is a great opportunity not only for you, but also the women in your group to ‘Live & Grow” together. For more information and to register, please CLICK HERE. If …

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May 18

The “Heart” of the Matter

The Bible wasn’t originally written in English. Not even Elizabethan English (i.e. the King James). The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Koine (common) Greek. Since most of us don’t have a working knowledge of Biblical Hebrew or Koine Greek, we rely on scholars who translate from the …

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May 13

Surviving Summer

Summer’s just around the corner! Fresh air, hot sun, pools, beaches, vacation…it’s exciting. For LifeGroups, however, Summer (and the winter holidays) can lead to a LifeGroup falling apart and dying. Why? Summer and winter holidays are the times LifeGroups most struggle with attendance. One reaction is to get angry at this. Often people are frustrated …

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May 11

The Tragedy of Nehemiah

“Why do American movies always end happy?” When I was in Romania 11 years ago, one of the college students we were helping teach English to asked us this question. I’d honestly never really thought about it. “And they all lived happily ever after.” That’s how stories ended. That’s what was supposed to happen. I …

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May 08

News to Know: May, 2015 Edition!

News to Know: May, 2015 Edition! 1.) MOVE – GSUMC’s 2015 Vacation Bible Experience (VBX) is now taking registrations for both participants and volunteers! To register, or find out more information: CLICK HERE: 2.) Summer is fast approaching! We’ve noticed that summers are a great opportunity for LifeGroups to recharge by intentionally taking time off …

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May 06

Handling Conflict In Your LifeGroup

 “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”  Psalm 133:1 That verse from the Psalms came quickly to mind as I walked behind my two tall sons last weekend during a family outing. They are now young adults juggling careers and the busyness of independent life. Happy memories surfaced as I …

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May 04

Opposition Isn’t the Enemy. Self-Reliance Is.

Often in our lives we face obstacles we simply can’t see a way around or over. We’re stuck. Sometimes it’s a person. It may be a disease. Often it’s ourselves. We don’t know what to do—but we know we have to do something. But that feeling of despair frequently immobilizes us. It ensures our feet …

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