May 08

News to Know: May, 2015 Edition!


News to Know: May, 2015 Edition!

1.) MOVE – GSUMC’s 2015 Vacation Bible Experience (VBX) is now taking registrations for both participants and volunteers! To register, or find out more information: CLICK HERE:

2.) Summer is fast approaching! We’ve noticed that summers are a great opportunity for LifeGroups to recharge by intentionally taking time off from meeting regularly and meeting once a month for a social gathering and then starting back strong at the end of August. If this is helpful for your group, we encourage you to do so! Please remember the following:

  • Be intentional: Ask the group if they’d like to do this, set a schedule, and stick to that schedule. If there’s confusion or lack of communication – this will likely have a negative effect on participation.
  • Communicate: Keep up communication with your LifeGroup. Phone calls, e-mails, and reminders about your next gathering & when you’ll start your regular meeting again all help to ensure the group knows what’s going on. This helps people feel like they know what’s going on and keeps them engaged for when you start back in August.
  • If you are taking a break over the summer, please let me know so we can appropriately adjust the online group information.
  • Keep a watch on the website for an upcoming ‘Leader Refresh’ on “Cycles and Seasons” in LifeGroups where we’ll go into more depth about how and why this helps a LifeGroup.

3.) Registrations for the September, 2015 Women’s Retreat are now being taken! To register or see more information, CLICK HERE.

4.) We will be having communion during worship service in June. If you haven’t had communion in your LifeGroup recently (or at all yet!) take some time in one of your LifeGroup meetings to do so! For instructions, please visit the final page of the LifeGroup Guide Manual Policies and Procedures PDF by CLICKING HERE.

5.) Please continue to verify your group’s information is still correct for the LifeGroup finder on the GSUMC website. If there is a change, please e-mail me today (or as soon as the change goes into effect) so I can appropriately adjust the information. You can navigate to it from the GSUMC homepage or go directly there by CLICKING HERE to verify your group’s information.

6.) If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to register for this blog (from the menu to your right)! This way every post made on this page will go directly to your inbox.

7.) If there’s any way we can serve you better, pray for you, or help you navigate any issues you may be having in your LifeGroup, please call/e-mail myself or Kim! You all are amazing people who are doing amazing ministry that is helping people move to maturity in their Living Relationship With Jesus Christ! It’s so great to hear stories of how people are being impacted by your LifeGroups – both inside AND Beyond!

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