Monthly Archive: June 2015

Jun 29

The Limits of Experience

When each of my children were born, I was terrified they might stop breathing when they went to bed. I’d wake up multiple times during the middle of the night, walk into their bedroom and watch them to make sure they were okay. I’d see if their chests were rising and falling—showing me they were …

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Jun 22

Discerning God’s Will

I recently had the opportunity to join a LifeGroup during their summer kick-off picnic. Not only did I enjoy the hamburgers and bratwurst, but I also had some great conversations with the people there. One of the individuals I spoke with is a lawyer. After having recently heard my friend and colleague James-Michael Smith talk …

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Jun 15

Wait….What? (Understanding 2 Corinthians 11-12)

2 Corinthians 11-12 is confusing. I had to read it many times to work out what exactly Paul was trying to say. He baffled me by boasting right after he said he didn’t want to, calling himself a fool for doing so, talking about himself in the third person (12:2-5), and (for good measure) throwing …

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Jun 09

News to Know: June, 2015 Edition!

News to Know: June, 2015 Edition! 1.) Summer is here! We’ve noticed that summers are a great opportunity for LifeGroups to recharge by intentionally taking time off from meeting regularly and meeting once a month for a social gathering and then starting back strong at the end of August. If this is helpful for your …

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Jun 08

The God of Reality vs. The god of Our Imaginations

There are few things as fascinating to me as watching my children grow and learn, particularly in their vocabulary. Right now my daughter, Naomi, is learning how to put words together to form simple sentences. Just last month she was only using one word at a time. When she wanted my wife (Katie) or me …

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Jun 01

Follow the Proclaimed…Not the Proclaimer

I just created my Twitter account. Yes…I know. I’m an extremely late adopter when it comes to social media. I’m okay with that. However, as I clicked the “+follow” link next to my friends names (many who are pastors or in some sort of full time vocational ministry) and worked on this week’s writing: I …

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