Monthly Archive: July 2015

Jul 27

Let’s Be Honest

When I was in college, I attended InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a fantastic Christian organization for college students. At the core of their philosophy for discipleship are small group Bible studies. One of the best ways these groups influenced my living relationship with Jesus Christ was by providing a safe place for me to be open …

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Jul 20

The Words of the Bible Before They Were in the Bible

Pastors and teachers often tell Christians how important it is that we read our Bibles, but often leave out how we should read our Bibles. Unfortunately the result of this for much of my young adult life was reading the Bible while being confused and frustrated that I couldn’t figure out what was going on …

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Jul 16

News to Know: July, 2015 Edition

News to Know: July, 2015 Edition! 1.) Construction is beginning on the Moss Rd. Campus! Because of this, the Moss Rd. Entrance to the church will be temporarily closed for several weeks. On Sunday mornings and if your LifeGroup meets here during the week: Please use the South Tryon Entrance. Please also share this information …

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Jul 13

Old Testament Era Empires

Last week we learned how important the city of Jerusalem was to the people of Israel. It was their capital city. More than that, it was the location of Yahweh’s Temple: the place where the Glory of God resided, where every year the entire nation made multiple pilgrimages to partake in feasts and festivals, where …

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Jul 08

College Football & The Temple in Jerusalem

About five or six years ago I attended my first (and only) professional football game. Well, technically it was a preseason game, but I still count it. The Carolina Panthers were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. My wife and I got tickets from a friend who was unable to attend. Our seats were pretty good too…almost …

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