Monthly Archive: August 2015

Aug 24

The Art of Storytelling

The more I read, the more I see how writing is an art. I’ve read books authored by people who are brilliant at their craft. They’ve made me laugh from my belly. They’ve made me cry tears of grief as they expose the turmoil and pain of their characters. Every one of these incredible authors …

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Aug 17

Realizing How You Think.

Two and a half years ago I took a class in seminary titled “Christianity and Classical Philosophy.” It was my favorite class. Contrary to the popular understanding of philosophy (and to a large extent what philosophy has become) – most philosophers over the last two millennia were Christians. Philosophy wasn’t seen as a way to …

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Aug 11

Rediscovering the Familiar

Every morning my wife reads our two children a story from their children’s Bible. When we were sitting at the dinner table this evening, Katie (my wife) asked the kids to tell me about the story they read. When I heard them say the words “Jesus,” “water,” and “storm”—I hoped it would be about Matthew …

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Aug 05

News To Know: August, 2015 Edition!

News to Know: August, 2015 Edition! 1.) Construction is in full swing at the Moss Rd. Campus! Because of this, the Moss Rd. Entrance to the church will be temporarily closed. Thank you for your patience for several more weeks. On Sunday mornings and if your LifeGroup meets here during the week: Please use the …

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Aug 03

Is God Mean & Unforgiving in the Old Testament?

An unfortunate caricature of the Old Testament is that it is all about God’s wrath. People often believe the Old Testament presents God as angry and vengeful, whereas the New Testament portrays Him as a sort of teddy bear. This is not only a shortsighted and inaccurate view of the Old Testament (and New Testament …

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