Monthly Archive: November 2015

Nov 19

Ephesus’ Greed

If you have ever traveled much, either in the United States or worldwide, then chances are good that you have been to a very large city. It is not hard to find lists of the most populated cities online. One list I discovered recently had New York City as the ninth largest city in the …

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Nov 12

Image of God

  This picture is a famous work of art called the Statue of David that resides in Florence Italy. Michelangelo unveiled the massive 17-foot statue in 1504 as part of a series of biblical figures he had been commissioned to create. It took him three years to complete the masterpiece. I attached a G-rated picture …

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Nov 09

A Snowy Evening

So I have to confess, poetry is not my strong suit. I still remember my high school days in literature class drudging line by line, stanza by stanza with my teacher. He loved the stuff, so we covered all the greats: Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and Oscar Wilde to just name a few. …

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Nov 04

News To Know: November, 2015

News to Know: November, 2015 Edition! First, I wanted to say “Thank You!” for the warm welcome. It has been great getting to meet you all over the last couple weeks. I’m still working on names and faces, but I’ll look forward to knowing you all better in the months to come. Just a few updates: …

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Nov 02

The End of an Era

It’s the end of an era. Well sort of, if you didn’t notice the title to this section has changed. After many great years of Thayer’s Thoughts, we now have ThoughtLife. I (Shannon) have now taken over this responsibility of putting together the sermon study guides and so a name change was appropriate. I wanted …

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