Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 25

Shock and Awe

A couple years ago my wife ordered a butterfly garden kit for the kids. It came with 5 caterpillars, food, and everything else you would need to raise them. It was a fun time watching the caterpillars grow bigger and bigger. The Hungry caterpillar by Eric Carl has always been one of my kid’s favorite …

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Feb 18

Leaving and Cleaving

Have you ever watched the TV sitcom Everyone Loves Raymond? It is a picture perfect example of a dysfunctional family. The younger brother, Raymond, was doted on by his mother. Raymond’s older brother was constantly compared to Raymond throughout his whole life by their parents without ever receiving their approval. Raymond’s poor wife had a …

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Feb 12

True Love

Ah, Valentine’s day. The day where true love is to be displayed with the showering of gifts and surprises. It is a day of love for couples and moneymaking for restaurants, florists, and hallmark. Pay no attention to the cultural pressure to be romantic so as to not appear as an inconsiderate oaf. (I’ll be …

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Feb 04

Practical Love

Have you ever seen the picture perfect family? You know the one with the nice house, nice car, and nice 2.5 kids. We all have an idea of what the perfect family looks like, yet we see every day how our own families fall so short of it. Even the writer of Hebrews is calling …

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Feb 01

News to Know: February 2016

1. Not using your room at the church, please let us know – For those groups that meet at the church if you are not using your room for at least two weeks in a row, then please let me know. The church office regularly receives requests for rooms, so if you are not meeting …

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