Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 30

The Gideon Cycle

In my last article, I talked about the Cycle of Sin that is prevalent in the book of Judges. How the Israelites kept falling back to idolatry and sin over and over again. They never seemed to learn from their past and step out of the destructive cycle. Very similar to our behavior many times, …

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Jun 28

News to Know – July 2016

1.    LifeGroup Launch is August 23rd. We need volunteers for launching new LifeGroups. Please let us know if you know of anyone who might be a good candidate for leading a new group. We also need to know which LifeGroups need new people and would like to be represented at the launch. 2.    Canopy Construction …

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Jun 24

Spiraling out of Control

             It is easy to see the depravity of humanity. It might be a lone gunman attacking a nightclub or more widespread like the riots we have seen over the last couple years. Then you have corruption at every level of society and politics. Even more impactful than these are the many wars throughout history. …

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Jun 17

A Thankful Dad

I’m a father, and I thank God with all my heart to be able to say those words. My children are some of the greatest blessings that God could ever have given me. I don’t make that statement flippantly but with all sincerity.  To know why I say that you need to understand my story …

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Jun 09


A couple of weeks ago I talked to someone who was upset about Good Shepherd’s stance on a certain lifestyle choice (aka sin) that has become a hot topic in modern society. During the conversation, the person made a comment about why are we speaking against this sin and not against other sins like adultery …

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Jun 02

How to Avoid Economic Meltdown

Have you looked around lately to see how the world deals with money? The government has no clue on what it means to spend wisely and to live within a budget. We are over 19 trillion in debt right now as a nation and increasing our debt about ten thousand every second. When you look …

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