Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 25

The Dividing Wall

There is an interesting phenomenon that has happened to me on missions trips before. I’ve connected with Christians who I’ve met for the first time from around the world. In Mexico, one example was a volunteer who was overseeing the construction of a new church our team was helping build. I have very limited Spanish …

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Aug 18

In the Spirit

There are certain phrases that we Christian throw out casually. Many times we don’t even really know what they mean. It might be common phrases like “ask Jesus into your heart,” “walk with God,” or “just have faith.” Sometimes we throw out theological words like justification or infralapsarianism (ok, not really that last one). Even …

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Aug 11

One Body, Many Parts

Around 500 BC, there was a growing dispute between the ruling class in Ancient Rome and the lower class. At this point in Rome’s history, the Roman Republic was very young, having won its freedom just 10 years before. The people were discontent due to the burden of debt that they were under. Taxes and …

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Aug 04

Standing Out or Sticking Out?

Some people stand out from the crowd. You might think about someone like Cam Newton or Donald Trump who are distinctive because of their personality and what they have accomplished. That might be a good or a bad thing; I’ll let you decide. There was this guy I regularly saw on campus when in college …

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