Monthly Archive: October 2016

Oct 27

Masters of Disguise

I grew up around the water. One of the things I loved to do most is snorkel and scuba dive.  One day I came upon one of the most fascinating sea creatures, an octopus. They are masters of disguise, and in an instant, they can change the color and shape of their skin to match …

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Oct 20

The Queen of the Night

There is a rare flower called the Kadupul flower, also known as the Queen of the Night. It is a beautiful flower that is priceless. It literally has no price because no one can sell them. The moment you pick it; it starts to die. It is native to Sri Lanka, but few people ever …

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Oct 13

Going it Alone

In 1930, a single 30-year-old English woman spent her life savings on train passage to China. Gladys Aylward traveled alone because she had failed missionary training school, the school believing she was not smart enough to learn Chinese. Determined to go to China, she heard of an elderly missionary woman looking for someone to take …

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Oct 06

Discipline and Love

“This is going to hurt me worse than it hurts you,” is one of those phrases we have all heard parents say from our childhood, some of us might even have said it. I’m sure every kid would disagree, but every parent knows that disciplining our children is never easy. It’s easy to yell out …

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