Monthly Archive: December 2016

Dec 15

Witness Testimony

This last week I’ve heard a couple of news stories that highlighted the importance of witness testimony. One story was from one of the survivors of the Charleston church shooting. That witness described the events of that horrible night and the hatred that the shooter had towards them.  Another news story was about the prosecution …

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Dec 08

Full of Grace and Truth

  Last month on my trip to India, I had plenty of time catch up on some movie watching as I flew on the long international flights. One familiar technique of the directors was to start out with an opening scene which gives some critical information necessary to understanding the rest of the film. It …

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Dec 01

Who is like the Lord?

Life can be discouraging at times. Last month on my trip to India, I talked to a village pastor that Good Shepherd supports who has dealt with persecution (see the picture). An undercover government official came to him pretending to be a minister from another village. Through the conversation, the agent learned that some members …

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