Monthly Archive: January 2017

Jan 26

Daniel and Darius

                  There are certain stories in the Bible that almost everyone has heard of before, especially as children’s stories.  Daniel in the Lion’s Den is one of them. We love stories like these because of their simplicity and memorable qualities. What we often don’t realize is that Daniel is controversial in many ways. Part of …

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Jan 19

The Choice is Yours

Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato are some of the greatest philosophers of all times. These men affected thought for a thousand years in the Western world, and they were all Greek. It’s no wonder that the Greeks of the first century prided themselves on their wisdom and philosophies. However, opposing the Greek model was the teachings …

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Jan 12

Godliness Training 101

A couple of years ago I started working out with a friend from my small group at something called F3 (fitness, faith, and Fellowship). My friend runs marathons and works out regularly, so I knew the training would be good. The F3 training is an outdoor boot camp style training for men, and they meet …

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Jan 05

Happy New Years! Happy New Years! Happy New Years!

Have you ever noticed yourself saying something over and over again? It might be that same New Year’s resolution from the last five years that I’m making again. Maybe it’s just because I’m a parent of young kids that I feel that way. I’m regularly telling the kids to pick up their toys, stop fighting …

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