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Oct 05

French Fry Fights!

My wife and I both attended college at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. The campus holds a special place in our memories not only because of the friends and football games, but largely because it’s where we met, dated, and got engaged. It’s also where we had our first argument. My family lived about three …

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Sep 28

Read The Whole Letter!

Imagine a soldier in a fox hole in World War II. He receives a letter from the woman he married right before he shipped out to the front lines. As the bullets zip past his head and he hears explosions around him, he finally gets a few moments to pull the letter out from inside …

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Sep 21

Silent Anger

One of the greatest needs in the church is an understanding of and appreciation for the Old Testament. It’s often misunderstood and misrepresented. God is made out to be a vindictive angry old man who’s really only around to eventually be replaced by the loving teddy bear God of the New Testament. However, not only …

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Sep 16

Put On Your New Humanity

I love storms. There is something incredible about being surrounded by something so powerful and dangerous. They provide a rare perspective of just how small and weak I am as a human being. I find an almost paradoxical comfort in experiencing my own insignificance in this way. It is the closest I’ve come to being …

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Sep 09

Glorifying the Past

Today I was talking with our Children’s Pastor, Ryan Gordon, about how I’ve resolved to live in the moment with my son & daughter. Far too often parents wish for days gone by with their kids. They wish they were still infants so they could rock them in the recliner; that they were two so …

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Sep 08

Peter’s Transformation

For as long as I can remember, one of my favorite types of movies is one that starts with somebody who is in some way weak. Then, through hard work, physical training, or an external influence—they become powerful. For instance, in the movie Captain America, the main character starts off as a scrawny man who …

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Aug 24

The Art of Storytelling

The more I read, the more I see how writing is an art. I’ve read books authored by people who are brilliant at their craft. They’ve made me laugh from my belly. They’ve made me cry tears of grief as they expose the turmoil and pain of their characters. Every one of these incredible authors …

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Aug 17

Realizing How You Think.

Two and a half years ago I took a class in seminary titled “Christianity and Classical Philosophy.” It was my favorite class. Contrary to the popular understanding of philosophy (and to a large extent what philosophy has become) – most philosophers over the last two millennia were Christians. Philosophy wasn’t seen as a way to …

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Aug 11

Rediscovering the Familiar

Every morning my wife reads our two children a story from their children’s Bible. When we were sitting at the dinner table this evening, Katie (my wife) asked the kids to tell me about the story they read. When I heard them say the words “Jesus,” “water,” and “storm”—I hoped it would be about Matthew …

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Aug 03

Is God Mean & Unforgiving in the Old Testament?

An unfortunate caricature of the Old Testament is that it is all about God’s wrath. People often believe the Old Testament presents God as angry and vengeful, whereas the New Testament portrays Him as a sort of teddy bear. This is not only a shortsighted and inaccurate view of the Old Testament (and New Testament …

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